The Gatekeeper Moves

Alec Bradley cigars is moving production of its highly rated cigar The Gatekeeper from EP Carrillo’s factory to Nestor Plasencia’s Honduran factory. Alan Rubin and his sons—the owners of Alec Bradley, decided on the move after Carrillo’s Pledge Prequel was rated cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado.  The Gatekeeper was ranked number 7.  Rubin says, “I talked with Ernie and we both realized that having two highly rated premium cigars coming out of the same factory created issues for both of us.  The tobaccos were from Plasencia with the exception of one Dominican leaf and it made sense to go to a factory that could supply our needs.”

Not only did the high ratings influence the decision but also with the COVID boom in cigars stressing production, it was easier to move the cigar to another factory while still using the exact same tobaccos.  That, Rubin said, insured the integrity for the cigar while allowing for expedited delivery to the market.

Said Bradley Rubin, “My brother Alec and I had an amazing journey with Ernesto to create the Gatekeeper blend.  Changing factories doesn’t al all negate our experience and relationship with Ernesto.  The name, after all, is an homage to Ernesto opening the gates to us, allowing us to expand out tobacco knowledge.”

A 2-time Emmy award winner, Frank Seltzer is a former Correspondent for CNN, Voice of America and a producer for ABC News. He has been regularly covering the cigar industry for over 15 years.


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