Spring Edition 2008 – City Portrait: Fumar En Madrid

Cover-Spring-2008 Officially it’s called ”The Non-smokers Protection Act” for Germany, in reality it has become a bun. Frank Hidien looks at the state of affairs in the 16 Federal States.

Other Topics we deal with in the Spring Edition 2008 are tobacco cultivation in Ecuador, cigar hotspots in Madrid and Asia’s largest cigar company: The Pacific Cigar Company.

We are taking a look behind the scenes of superstar blenders, which are improving the quality of cigars around the world.

Cigar Journal also met the company boss from Kohlhase & Kopp, one of Germany’s biggest cigar importers.

If you missed this edition, you can order a back-issue.  

The following is an overview of the contents of the 1/2008 edition.

Cigar News
Smoky Spirits Avo-Tasting: Cigars by Avo Uvezian
Tasting: 21 Cigars
City Portrait: Fumar En Madrid
Blending: Behind the Scenes
Modern-Day-Prohibition: Germany is still smoking
Kohlhase & Kopp: Germany’s biggest cigar importers
The American View with Rich Perelman
Flor De Copán: The Cradle of the Cigar
Cuba News
Pacific Cigar Company: Asia’s Largest Cigar Company
Shortfiller: The Good Cigar form Holland
Chronoswiss: Pleasure Without Remorse
Pipe-Tobacco smoked for you
Next Generation: Rock at the Grinding Wheel
Ash Trays: Elegant in Appearance
Air-Conditioned Cabinets
Top Shops
Events Review



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