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Paul Garmirian Cigars Celebrates 30th Anniversary

With the release of the PG Gourmet Series III, Paul Garmirian celebrates 30 years in the cigar industry.  The classic Gourmet Series was released in 1990.  The Series II offered a little more strength and was slightly nuttier.  The Series III is richer yet, made available by access to darker and oilier wrappers.

Paul’s son Kevork Garmirian says:  “With this project, we have made a cigar with the maximum of flavor while maintaining a smooth and subtle taste.  That is why it is the Gourmet Series III.”


PG Gourmet Series III

Connoisseur, 6 X 52, USD 17.90
Short Robusto, 4 ½ x 52, USD 15.90
Bombones Extra, 3 ½ x 46, USD 13.00
The cigars come in boxes of 25.  They were released on July 10th to PG Authorized Retailers.