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New Humidfying Pouch by Humidif: Gelly

The Spanish humidor manufacturer Humidif has released a new humidifying solution for travel and table humidors. The manufacturer’s patented Gelly pouches are designed to provide cigars with humidity for up to 90 days. The indicator, a cobalt hygrometer, developed by Humidif provides information at a glance on whether the necessary moisture level is still being guaranteed.


Photo: Humidif

Pulling off a protective flap activates the gel pockets. The humidifying gel contained in the pouch then releases the constant level of 70% humidity into the environment. Depending on the amount of cigars and the size of the pouch used, cigars can be kept humidified for up to 90 days.

Gelly is available in two sizes: 30g (10-15 cigars) for US$2.50, and 60g (20-25 cigars) for US$3.00. Humidif also offers customized solutions.