Limited Macanudo Mao Features Regenerated Dominican Seed from the 1960’s

General Cigar introduces the limited edition Mao blend to the market. A press release states that the release features Dominican tobacco seeds from the 1960’s that were regenerated over eight growing seasons through breeding the plants in two different countries.

Jhonys Diaz, master blender and vice president of operations said, “Macanudo Mao is one of our finest examples of tobacco expertise to date. We began our regeneration experiments more than five years ago, and are extremely proud of our team of agronomists for bringing this exceptionally-flavored tobacco back to life.”

Mao is named for the growing region in the Dominican Republic where the seeds were cultivated. The filler is mainly comprised of the regenerated seed, alongside with tobaccos of Nicaraguan and Colombian origin. Additionally, a Connecticut Shade Grown wrapper and a Mexican binder were used in the blend.

Macanudo Mao is rolled in the Dominican Republic and will be available beginning in September as a limited release of 1,800 10-count boxes per size in three frontmarks.

Macanudo Mao

Origin: Dom. Rep.
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade Grown
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Dom. Rep., Nicaragua, Colombia

Vitolas: No. 10 127 x 19,8 | 5 x 50
USD 16.00 | Box/10 USD 160.00
No. 178 x 11 19,8 | 7 x 50
USD 17.00 | Box/10 USD 170.00
No. 12 152 x 22,6 | 6 x 57
USD 18.00 | Box/10 USD 180.00

Limited to 1,800 boxes/10 cigars per vitola
Limitiert auf 1800 Kisten/10 Zigarren à Vitola


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