JR Cigar to Release JR Pure Origin: Gran Vulcano

JR Cigar is raising the bar on its name-brand private labels. While many customers are familiar with the popular and budget friendly JR Alternatives and JR Ultimate, the company is now bringing its name to the luxury cigar market. To accomplish this, the company has put together a team to create a truly unique offering to bring JR Cigar customers something not seen before.

These distinctive landscapes breed a completely different type of tobacco that is rarely seen in mainstream cigars. The difficulty in cultivating these plants, and the severe environments in which they are born, create unique, rich flavor profiles and a cigar experience few, if any, have had the chance to enjoy. It takes a great deal of dedication and passion for these tobaccos to come into being, giving them a pure origin. 

The first release will be a series of limited-edition cigars known as JR Pure Origin: Gran Vulcano. It takes its name from the use of tobaccos from the volcanic island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua in that Central American nation. Due to the ash from two active volcanoes, Ometepe has dark and nutrient rich soil. Cultivated under extreme conditions, the tobaccos create bold, complex and distinctive flavors. 

“For more than 50 years, JR has not only been selling the world’s finest cigars, we have also been creating some of the most popular brands on the market,” says Davide Moro, CEO of JR Cigar. “With this newest endeavor – Pure Origin – we are entering the luxury market  with something truly unique and exceptional for our customers. “Pure Origin is something most cigar enthusiasts haven’t often experienced and our first offering – Gran Vulcano– is only the first in a line of many new and exciting releases to bring these exotic tobaccos from around the world right to your humidor.”

The JR Pure Origin: Gran Vulcano was blended in partnership with the legendary Rafael Nodal and Nestor Plasencia. It uses aged Ometepe Habano tobacco for the filler and binder, along with some additional fillers from Jalapa, and is finished off with a flawless, Habano wrapper from the Jalapa valley.

JR Pure Origin: Gran Vulcano cigars come packaged in elegant boxes of 10, all made from 100% recycled, sustainable materials, and available in three classic vitolas:

  • 5X50 Robusto ($120 per box, $12 per single)
  • 6X50 Toro ($130 per box, $13 per single)
  • 6X56 Toro Grande ($140 per box, $14 per single)


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