Joya de Nicaragua at the PCA

Joya de Nicaragua, which Nicaragua’s oldest cigar factory, has a loyal following of fans that the company refers to as “Amigos”, and thee always seems to be a gathering of Joya de Nicaragua Amigos at their booth at the 2024 PCA Expo in Las Vegas.

Juan Ignacio Martínez, who is the face of the company, took the time to highlight a cache items that are new to Joya de Nicaragua.

Limited to 1000 boxes for the US market is the Joya Cabinetta Lancero is a pigtailed, 7 x 38 offering. It’s described as a silky-smooth, mild-to medium bodied cigar that, as Juan puts it, is a “perfect breakfast cigar”.

“Some say a woman’s best friend is a diamond, well, a man’s best friend is a cigar” says Juan, who proudly showcases the Joya Ultimate Jewel Collection, which is a 14-count assorted box of the some of the brand’s biggest hitters, which include the Cinco de Cinco, the Dark Corojo, and the beautiful Figurado Cinco Decadas.

The popular Anaño line (which means “yesteryear” in Spanish has also received a makeover with new branding that centers around the symbol of the bull, which is a nod to the “power, strength, and the novelty of our cigars”, states Juan. Though the look has changed, the blend and the “kick”, as Juan puts it, are the same as ever in the Antaño line.


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