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Industrial Cigar Co. Launches Art Project

Industrial Cigar Co. launches a project to showcase the diversity in the cigar culture and stand united during times of racial divide. A photo gallery is being launched in the Industrial Cigar Co. public lounge on June 18th, 2020 and will showcase a wide diversity of people with a raised fist and a cigar placed in the center of their hand. The project is in support of racial justice and unity tied together using the customers and members of Industrial Cigar Co.

“The idea came to us when witnessing peaceful protests nationwide, with the potential of real positive justice reform.” said co-owner, Brandon Frakes, “We see this in our lounge everyday, people of different races and backgrounds coming together to share a moment in time.”

Industrial Cigar Co. opened in September 2017 and has grown exponentially over the past years. ICC’s customer base consists of many cultures, races, and ethnicities. One of the key phrases in the lounge is how “the cigar is the great equalizer.” See the gallery in person beginning June 18th at …

9500 N Dallas Pkwy #40
Frisco, TX 75034



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