Industrial Cigar Co. Announces Partnership With Doordash

Industrial Cigar Co. (ICC), a Texas-based, family-owned, cigar lounge announces a groundbreaking partnership with DoorDash to be the first to offer cigar delivery directly from the app. This collaboration will see ICC pioneering an entirely new way to enjoy premium cigars by ordering from the Nation’s leading on-demand delivery platform; launching officially on July 24th, 2023.

ICC continues to push boundaries, setting new standards for customer experience in the industry. This ground-breaking service will not only deliver premium cigars right to consumers’ doorstep within the DFW metroplex, but also an assortment of high-quality accessories including cutters, lighters, and butane; providing an ease and convenience to your cigar experience that is the first-of-its-kind. Furthermore, with the opening of their expansion project later this year, “Fuselage Parlor & Kitchen,” the ability to order food and spirits will follow shortly after opening later this summer.

“To boost the cigar industry to the level we believe we can achieve, we must modernize our approach of reaching new audiences. We must break down the barriers of entry and embrace new technologies in our strategies. It’s intimidating to walk into a cigar lounge for the first time, but we can now reach cigar smokers of all levels where they’re most comfortable, right at home,” states Brandon Frakes (Co-Owner of Industrial Cigar Co. and Fuselage Parlor & Kitchen).

ICC’s DoorDash capabilities tie seamlessly into their summer campaign, “Start Your Summer With ICC.” A summer of relaxation and luxury awaits as customers can indulge in their favorite cigars while enjoying various summer activities, from grilling and patio lounging to fishing trips. This convenient delivery service is the perfect addition to elevate your summer experience, providing a smooth, seamless process to acquire your cigars, whether for a quiet evening in or a social gathering outdoors.


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