Hiram & Solomon Announces Distribution with Kohlhase & Kopp

In a major announcement, Hiram & Solomon Cigars has revealed a new distribution partnership with Kohlhase & Kopp, one of the most respected cigar distribution companies in Germany. The move solidifies Hiram & Solomon Cigars’ intent to expand its footprint in Europe and offers a unique proposition to cigar aficionados across the European continent.

The Kopp brothers Oliver and Thilo along with Peter Witzke, CEO of Kohlhase & Kopp, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, lauding the unique profile of Hiram & Solomon Cigars. The brand’s novel appeal as the first premium cigar brand targeting Freemasons, as well as non-Freemasons, sets it apart in a saturated market. Moreover, the brand’s commitment to quality and its unique approach to the art of cigar creation aligns with Kohlhase & Kopp’s high standards.

Hiram & Solomon Cigars also has a notable social responsibility agenda. A portion of the brand’s profits is directed to several charity projects, including the Shriners Hospitals, a network of non-profit medical facilities across North America.

Romy & Fouad Kashouty, owners of Hiram & Solomon Cigars, expressed gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to work with Kohlhase & Kopp. The partnership will allow the brand to reach a larger audience, especially those passionate about the tradition and taste of cigar smoking. They affirmed that the collaboration would help extend the brand’s influence in Germany and throughout Europe.




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