El Rey del Mundo Comes to U.S. B&M Stores

The Forged Cigar Company, an independent national cigar distribution network that launched on January 13, 2021, announced that the company will begin selling the Honduran brand El Rey del Mundo to brick and mortar locations across the U.S. starting in February, 2021.

El Rey Del Mundo was previously available exclusively through JR Cigars and Santa Clara Wholesale and rose to become a top-selling brand for more than 20 years. The brand has been handcrafted at Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s HATSA factory in Honduras since. Under The Forged Cigar Company, El Rey Del Mundo will debut at retail as a full-time line featuring six frontmarks. 

El Rey Del Mundo will launch with a curated selection of one natural and five maduro offerings, representing El Rey del Mundo’s all-time best-sellers:

Café au Lait (4 1/2 x 36); SRP per cigar USD 4.80; 24-count boxes
Café Noir OSC (4 1/2 x 35); SRP per cigar USD 4.80; 24-count boxes
Robusto OSC (5 x 54); SRP per cigar USD 5.40; 20-count boxes
Robusto Larga OSC (6 x 54); SRP per cigar USD 5.80; 20-count boxes
Robusto Supremo OSC (7 1/4 x 54); SRP per cigar USD 6.80; 20-count boxes
Ronco OSC (6 x 60); SRP per cigar USD 7.00; 20-count boxes




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