Toscano Oltrarno

Oltrarno is the cigar of the artisans’ quarters of Florence, where the Toscano cigar was born by chance in 1815 and was then officially marketed in 1818.

After more than two centuries, Manifatture Sigaro Toscano creates this new cigar with a rough and authentic flavor that becomes part of the continuing editions.

The Oltrarno is enveloped in a fermented Italian wrapper, which comes from the Valtiberina area, and has a dark and uniform color, while to the touch it is more silky and rich in oils. The filler is the result of a blend of American tobaccos, with an addition of tobacco from the Pontecorvo area (Frosinone) selected from the apical leaves – which have a more intense strength – to well modulate the balance in the wrapper’s taste of the wrapper.

“The Toscano cigar represents a history strongly connected to the territory. A story that embraces a centuries-old tradition that finds form, taste and expression in the Oltrarno. The symbol of Italian know-how, which combines the experience handed down over many generations with an eye always looking to the future,” says Stefano Mariotti, CEO of Manifatture Sigaro Toscano. “It is a product that is the result of the commitment of the entire Kentucky supply chain, the agricultural world and industry. Oltrarno is therefore a journey to discover the intense and sweet atmosphere of Tuscany.”

The Toscano Oltrarno cigar is aged for at least 10 months in a controlled temperature environment and, thanks to its Valtiberina belt, it differs from historical cigars in its authentic veracity.


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