Ramon Allones Phoenicio 40 now selling in boxes of 10 and 20

The Ramon Allones Phoenicio 40 Exclusivo Libano (ring gauge 54 by 140mm lengh) is now available at the La Casa del Habano shop at the Beirut International Airport Duty in boxes of 10 and 20 units.

The Ramon Allones Phoenicio 40 is a cigar prepared to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Phoencia Trading, one of the biggest Habanos distributors. The cigar, presented last year at a virtual event that happened simultaneously with some tasting in some countries around the globe (https://www.cigarjournal.com/ramon-allones-phoenicio-40-and-quai-dorsay-baalbeck-launched/), was first available in a limited series of humidors (https://www.cigarjournal.com/ramon-allones-phoenicio-40-humidor-series-hits-the-market/).

The long awaited boxes of 10 and 20 units are now available at the Beirut Duty Free. On these releases Phoenicia Trading introduced some decorative and security items in order to certify the authenticity and the quality of the cigars. The first one is a numbered “vitolina” (see picture below) that has the same box number as the traditional number plate that goes outside the box.






The other item is a special guarantee seal, decorated with shiny silver foil, embossed spots and invisible black-light ink.

These additions will be very helpful for costumers interested on these releases, since some Ramon Allones Phoenicio 40 Exclusivo Libano fake boxes have been already been spotted in some markets.

The Ramon Allones Phoenicio 40 Exclusivo Libano boxes are sold in a limited and numbered series of 10 units for 440USD and 20 units for 880USD.

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