CSWC Judges Association gets dressed

The Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) Judges Association just introduced the 2021 official judges‘ shirt. That was the decision of the board of the association, to dress judges professionally. The shirts will be in production soon and they will be delivered to all judges before the 2021 season starts.

CSWC’s Head Judge Marija Marovic welcomes the decision: “Almost all world sports and competitions which include judges, have uniforms. As the CSWC has grown globally to a serious competition we wanted to make that step forward. I myself lived almost all my life as professional sports person and understand very well the importance of this small detail.”

Marko Bilić, founder of the CSWC said: “This was a logical step forward. It is also an emotional moment to see our friends from the cigar community and cigar industry to wear our CSWC shirts.”

The shirts will be ordered from a French company and they will be finished in Croatia. All official partners will have their logo on the shirt, but also a clear sign „JUDGE“ will be there to exactly mark the person who is an official CSWC Judge. 


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