Condega Cigars Roadshow In Sweden

Lots of cigars, friends, wine, tapas and excellent entertainment. That’s what their partners in Sweden, Hugo’s Cigars and Maduro AB, provided to the local aficionados in the past Condega Cigars roadshow around the country. Their Brand Ambassador Agustin Misson was accompanied by Lasse Öhman, CEO of Hugo’s Project Managment, and Benjamin George, owner of Maduro AB, and both wholesalers in the premium cigar industry in Sweden. There they operate in some of the biggest retail stores with focus on cigars and cigar accesories. 


The complete roadshow covered almost 900 km with stops in the main Swedish cities: Stockholm, Örebro, Lidköping and Borås. First event took place in the Stockholms Cigarr Lounge, a place in the capital for smoking cigars and enjoying wonderful discussions while introducing new vitolas of Condega Cigars to the event visitors. All attendees were also delighted with Condega Lancero, Condega Magnum, Spanish food and wine, spending all the evening between 6.00pm to 1.00am. 

After a very good first contact with Swedish aficionados, Misson, Öhman and George moved to Örebro for the next event in Örebro Cigarrförening, the Örebro Cigar Association (from 3.00pm to 7.00pm) and then to Lidköping for the second cigar celebration designed for a private group called CigarrSverige För Botl & Sotl (from 8.00pm to 1.00am). Both meetups offered tapas matched with Spanish and Argentinian wines. An excellent party to enjoy while tasting Condega best smokes. 




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