Cigar Militia – Columbia (SC)

Seated deep in the center of The Palmetto State lies a fantastic new cigar lounge called Cigar Militia.  The capital city of Columbia was awarded this lounge towards the end of 2021 and the residents have been reaping the rewards ever since.  Beautiful wooden decor on the inside welcomes the smoker to the oft-misconstrued term militia, which is more in the spirit of a community that takes care of its own, as opposed to solely an armed militia.

A bountiful humidor is on the left which carries many of the industry’s hottest new boutiques.  The selection is always welcoming new brands to give the customers a constant refreshing taste of tobacco.  Beer and wine are available for purchase, but spirits are not sold here, but you can bring in your own as clean glasses are available behind the bar.  Feel free to share your beverage with the other patrons as well.

There is also a newly constructed patio deck out back with which to enjoy the great South Carolina weather.  The patio serves as a perfect location for a possible cookout, as food can be brought to the militia to enjoy with your cigar. Just make sure you bring enough for everyone as you will certainly have new friends at the militia that you haven’t met yet.

Cigar Militia
1410 Colonial Life Blvd W.
Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 661-9003

Cigars available: yes

Food available: no

Alcohol available: yes, beer and wine

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