Alec Bradley Cigar Co’s 10 Year Anniversary Fine & Rare Sets

Alec Bradley Cigar Co. announced that the first boxes of the 10 Year Anniversary Fine & Rare sets will soon be arriving to tobacconists in the United States. In total, 500 limited edition boxes were created.
Ten years ago, Alec Bradley founder, Alan Rubin introduced the world to the Alec Bradley Fine & Rare, a novel concept and challenge for Rubin to create blends using an unheard of 10 different tobaccos. To date, Alec Bradley has released five different iterations of the project. The 10 Year Anniversary Fine & Rare sets feature examples of all five iterations from their original release years.

Rubin noted that due to Covid-19 work stoppages and logistical issues caused by the devastating hurricanes that hit Central America over the last few months, Alec Bradley was only able to bring the sets into the United States at this time. The company’s international distribution partners were notified that their allotments would arrive at a later date.  

 Each Fine & Rare Commemorative Ltd. Edition Release box will contain:
– 5 Cigars: Release Year: 2014. Series Name: TA25A. Size 7 x 54 Figurado
– 5 Cigars- Release Year: 2016. Series Name: HJ10-i. Size: 6 x 52 Toro
– 5 Cigars: Release Year: 2017. Series Name: BR12-13. Size 6 x 52 Torpedo
– 5 Cigars: Release Year: 2018. Series Name: JRS10=(86). Size 6 ½ x 52 Toro
– 5 Cigars: Release Year: 2019. Series Name: HOF/506. Size 6 ¼ x 54 Boxed Pressed Toro
– Special Undisclosed Item
All of the cigars contained in the box have been in aging and are from the original batch – specific to release year. The Alec Bradley Fine & Rare 10 Year Anniversary set retails for USD 600.00. 


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