Bertie Cigars celebrates 2 Years in Hong Kong

Bertie cigar lounge in Hong Kong celebrated its second anniversary in late March with a small event.

“The good news is that Bertie commences its third year by increasing its space by extending on the same floor into part of the neighbouring lot,” said Eric Piras, operator of Bertie Cigars. “In this extension we have installed a large TV screen which will enable us to host masterclasses and virtual events for the Cigraal Academy and our clients can also come and watch their favourite Netflix movie or hold small (virtual or not) conferences, while enjoying their favourite cigars.”

Looking back on two years of operation, Piras notes that much of their success is due to Bertie Cigar Lounge being the one and only cigar divan in Hong Kong offering such a large selection of cigars for all tastes and all budgets. “We hold over 500 different cigars from five terroirs (countries of origin). Guests receive plenty of advice from our skilled team who are trained to answer any questions, from beginners to real aficionados. We also offer the best brands, best cigars, and a choice ranging from regular cigars to exceptional vintages and limited editions, as well as regional editions from all over the planet.”

Facing Covid-19, Bertie Cigars has made the best of a bad situation and has not negatively impacted too much. A strong disinfection system was installed and as a result guests know Bertie is a safe place and they can enjoy their cigar with no worries about the virus. “A lot of guests mention that Bertie had become their ‘shelter’ during the 2019 protests when the offices were closed, and then again when the offices closed in the early fight against Covid,” said Piras. He also notes that due to travel restrictions, local consumption is very much increasing. “Our clientele of educated and curious aficionadas and aficionados, whether they are beginning in their cigar discovery, or are seasoned connoisseurs, are eager to spend relaxing moments with friends, and to discover new brands,” said Piras. “One of our aims is to ensure that there is no snobbery around cigar smoking; all are welcome and education and discovery play a large role in guests’ loyalty. Hence, we see a much stronger female and younger adult crowd.”

As part of this new movement, Piras notes that New World Cigars are benefitting from these new business conditions and the sales volume of New World Cigars in Bertie is very high. “Some of our guests come to Bertie for their favourite Habanos, whether they’re from the regular range, limited editions or vintage,” notes Piras. Besides the classic Cuban, Bertie offers wonderful brands such as Joya de Nicaragua from Nicaragua, Arturo Fuente and Ashton from the Dominican Republic, and Flor de Selva and Villa Zamorano from Honduras as well as boutique brands like Gerard cigars, Azan, Cumpay, Italian handmade Toscano cigars, and Great Wall cigars which are hand-made in China with imported tobacco.

Samuel Spurr has been Cigar Journal’s Asia-Pacific contributor since his first feature on the Australian cigar scene in 2006. Regularly writing, Tweeting, and Instagramming about cigars, he’s recognized in Australia as a cigar authority and frequently hosts cigar master classes.




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