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Author Archives: Franziska Urban

United in Spirit and Pleasure

Cigar Journalwriter Volker Schäffner went to North-East Germany to investigate cigar-friendly locations. He struck it rich: He found more than 50 smoking oases in Berlin, on the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and in Brandenburg, which he presents here. Berlin, with a population of almost 3.7 million, is the most densely populated city in


Partagás: One Global Brand – Two Faces

The world-famous Partagás factory (at the address of No. 520 Industria in Havana) was nationalized 46 years ago, during the course of the Cuban revolution. The proprietor family, by the name of Cifuentes, had to leave everything behind when emigrating to the USA with nothing but the often-quoted clothes on their backs. There they made