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Most people know the cigar company Alec Bradley, but many don’t realize the company’s founder is actually Alan Rubin. He named the company after his sons, Alec and Bradley, in the 1990s. Today, both are in their twenties and are now working with their father. At this year’s IPCPR trade show, the pair unveiled their first collaborative effort, a cigar named Blind Faith. Bradley Rubin says, “The name comes from our story and, since this is our first blend, people don’t know what we’re capable of, so they have to kind of take it on blind faith. It’s kind of a trust thing.”

Brother Alec described the cigar as the strong-est one ever to come out of Alec Bradley, add-ing, “We’re usually known for flavor first and strength second. So we wanted to push it to that line; we wanted to get the strength and flavor.”

The brothers consider that they are operating a boutique within Alec Bradley. Their cigars will be distinguished by a stylized A&B.

Father Alan says that he never pushed them into the business; it was something they both wanted. “You can’t imagine how proud I am. There are no words to describe being able to work with my boys. And my dad, at 91, comes in daily so we have three generations in the office every day.”

Blind Faith was a success at the trade show and sold out. Alec and Bradley are now working on a second blend.

A 2-time Emmy award winner, Frank Seltzer is a former Correspondent for CNN, Voice of America and a producer for ABC News. He has been regularly covering the cigar industry for over 15 years.


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