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Gilbert de Montsalvat

10th Anniversary Limited Edition Gilbert de Montsalvat

On April 1st, 2008, the cigar brand Gilbert de Montsalvat was officially born. Its eponym is Swiss author Thomas Brunnschweiler and his fictional biography of Gilbert de Montsalvat, a story from his collection „Perpetuum fumabile“.Raymondo Bernasconi from Royal Cigar Company brought the cigar to life.

The 10 year anniversary on April 1st, 2018, will be celebrated with a „10 Years Anniversary Limited Edition“. Only 1000 boxes, holding 10 cigars each, will be available on the market.

To honour the literary background of the brand, Gilbert de Montsalvat’s autobiographic story „A night in Havana“ will then be issued together with the “Cuban Sonnets”. The book will be published by Thomas Brunnschweiler and shall compliment the 10 year existence of the successful brand Gilbert de Montsalvat.