The TPA is Born, to Support the Pipe Tobacco and Cigar Sector

The Tobacco Product Association (TPA), a new organization committed to uniting, promoting, and advancing its members in all facets of the cigar and pipe tobacco sector, is proud to announce its official launch on May 17th, 2024. The TPA aims to serve the broad spectrum of the tobacco community, including cigar brands, manufacturers, retailers, pipe carvers, pipe tobacconists, and related accessories companies, with a strong focus on education, advocacy, and innovation. This unique blend of cigar and pipe brands was born from a collaborative idea at the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club, and the TPA is set to champion the unique values and needs of both the cigar and pipe aficionado communities.

The Board of Directors
The Tobacco Products Association (TPA) is delighted to unveil its inaugural board of directors, a distinguished and diverse team of industry experts with extensive backgrounds. This exceptional group will play a pivotal role in guiding the association’s direction and shaping its future initiatives

Ismael Olivan, BAMF Cigars: is dedicated to producing high-quality, handcrafted cigars at the Rodriguez Olivan Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic. His mission is to offer affordable luxury cigars by focusing on quality and taking care of employees. Ismael’s approach emphasizes both the craftsmanship of cigars and the well-being of the workers who create them. Of special note, BAMF Cigars was expressly developed for our Military Soldiers and First Responders.

Ron Pecorini, Founder, Great Cigar & Pipe Show Podcast, VP Chicagoland Pipe Club and 2024 Show Director: A prominent figure in both the cigar and pipe communities, dedicated to enriching the tobacco culture.

Dr. Oscar Rodriguez, GTO Cigars: A stalwart in maintaining traditional cigar-making excellence with a focus on premium aged tobaccos. Dr. Rodriguez, a passionate cigar maker, blends some of the finest cigars from first-generation Cuban seed tobacco grown in the Valle del Cibao region of the Dominican Republic.

Fouad Kashouty, Hiram & Solomon Cigars: Co-founder of a brand that embodies community and charity within the Masonic tradition. Hiram & Solomon Cigars are known for their carefully handcrafted cigars that evoke the spirit of Brotherhood, combining artistry and a commitment to quality and consistency.

Ken Dorrbecker, the owner of KJD Cigars, has a rich background as a Long Island firefighter with 28 years of service, including a tenure as Fire Chief. An avid cigar smoker for over 20 years, Ken has spent the last 11 years refining his palate and knowledge at a local cigar shop. He is a strong advocate for local brick-and-mortar cigar shops, supporting their efforts to bring quality cigars to enthusiasts. Commitment to Education, Advocacy, and Innovation.

The TPA, in collaboration with SOTL Global Movement and Tobacconist University, will offer its members educational courses, certifications, and webinars to enhance their knowledge and skills. These partnerships provide substantial benefits, including access to comprehensive educational programs that elevate members’ expertise in tobacco products, leading to recognized certifications that enhance professional credibility. This collaboration also expands networking opportunities through a global community of tobacco enthusiasts and professionals, fostering stronger industry connections.

Furthermore, these partnerships strengthen TPA’s advocacy efforts, amplifying its influence on regulatory discussions and ensuring members are well-informed about consumer preferences and market trends, crucial for navigating the dynamic tobacco market. This strategic alliance positions TPA members to thrive in the industry while maintaining high standards of quality and professionalism.

Future Plans
Looking ahead, the TPA will focus on navigating regulatory challenges and embracing industry trends to ensure a prosperous future for all members. With a strong commitment to responsible practices and community support, the TPA aims to lead with innovation and integrity. The TPA is dedicated to supporting its members at the local level by facilitating unique membership deals and offers, as well as hosting regional events in various host cities. These initiatives are designed to enhance the visibility of local businesses within the community and provide platforms for networking and professional growth. By organizing events in strategic locations, TPA aims to foster a sense of community and collaboration among members, allowing them to share knowledge, explore business opportunities, and engage with the broader tobacco industry.

Additionally, TPA plans to negotiate exclusive deals and promotions for its members, offering valuable resources and financial benefits that help local businesses thrive in a competitive market. These efforts will strengthen the association’s support network and ensure that members have access to the tools and opportunities necessary to succeed.

Special Membership Offer – The Founders Gift
In celebration of its launch, the TPA is excited to introduce “The Founders Gift,” a special limited time offer membership rate of $100.00 for the next 90 days, available to all members regardless of tier. This offer is designed to welcome a diverse group of tobacco enthusiasts and professionals who wish to make a significant impact in the industry. The “Founders Gift” membership offer is strategically priced to encourage early adoption and broaden membership. This introductory rate is designed to be accessible, attracting a diverse group of tobacco industry stakeholders, from small boutique operations to larger manufacturers and associated businesses. Consumers are invited to join for $50 a year with membership benefits to be announced.

By setting a lower initial membership fee, TPA aims to quickly build its member base, fostering a robust community that benefits from shared resources, enhanced networking opportunities, and collective advocacy. This pricing strategy not only boosts initial membership numbers but also serves as an investment in the organization’s long-term goal of establishing a strong foundation of engaged and committed members who can drive the association’s mission forward. This approach ensures that the benefits of membership—such as exclusive deals, educational resources, and access to industry events—reaches a wide audience, maximizing impact and support for the industry at all levels.

About the Tobacco Products Association (TPA)
The Tobacco Products Association (TPA) is a premier organization dedicated to uniting, promoting, and advancing all facets of the tobacco industry. Founded on the principles of education, advocacy, and innovation, the TPA serves a diverse community of cigar brands, manufacturers, retailers, pipe tobacco enthusiasts, and consumers. With a commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and responsible practices, the TPA fosters a supportive network that empowers its members to thrive in a dynamic market. Through strategic collaborations and a robust membership base, the TPA is poised to lead the industry into a prosperous future.

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