QI Announces to Reduce Prices on Selected Cigar Accessories

Quality Importers Trading Company announces an initiative to reduce prices on select cigar accessories. Defying the trend of cost increases in the cigar industry, QI is committed to supporting and sustaining retailers by offering price reductions on specific SKUs from their brands Xikar, Palió, Humidor Supreme, and Hydra in addition to the previously announced rollback on Cigar Caddy SKUs.

This initiative allows retailers to access a range of popular cigar accessories from Xikar such as precision cutters like the Xi1, Xi2, XO, and M8 to powerful jet-flame lighters including Verano, Turismo, and Trezo. The selection extends to Palió Tazza and Alta ashtrays, offering both style and functionality. Furthermore, customers can explore a variety of color options for the Siena and Lazio single jet-flame lighters. 

For those looking for cigar storage options, the Humidor Supreme Medici Cigar Cabinet is a standout choice, capable of holding up to 400 cigars. Alternatively, retailers can opt for the refined 100-count desktop humidors, including the Old Glory and Old World. To ensure the optimal preservation of prized cigars, customers can also take advantage of the reduced pricing on the small-size Hydra electronic humidifier. 

„Recognizing the impact of altered consumer buying habits on the retailer’s bottom line, we have focused on finding better ways to do business and securing price reductions for specific SKUs that no one expects”, stated Michael Giordano, CEO of Quality Importers. “We have built economies of scale that enable us to cut costs and take action so that retailers can purchase select accessories from our vast portfolio at a lower price without any impact on quality and craftsmanship.” 


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