ProCigar Festival 2023

After a fantastic ProCigar festival this Year in February we are looking forward to what will come to us in 2023. Lisbeth Genao, Marketing fills in the news that just a short time ago “Tobacco and Cigars” are granted a national heritage to the Dominican Republic.

With this milestone the next festival will showcase all the heritage starting with the landing of Christopher Columbus on the Island, when he was given the first tobacco leaves from the indigen people for whom the plant was sacred, up today when we enjoy the great cigars for the Dominican Republic.

During the days of the festival all items that relate to tobacco and cigars will be implanted in the program. The Galadinner closing the festival will bring all the items together in a big presentation.

Peter’s love of cigars began in 2001, and since then his interest has continued to grow. Multiple trips to Nicaragua, Cuba and the Dominican Republic as well as attending numerous cigar festivals have increasingly fueled this passion. He finds being a member of the Cigar Journal blind tasting panel a great honor and pleasure. This all led to the opportunity to become an author on the Cigar Journal team.


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