Largest European Cutter's Collection

Largest European Cutter Collection Up for Sale

Franz Gerhard Lambauer from southern Styria is an enthusiastic cigar lover. Two decades ago, he was seized by collectors’ passion. He started keeping an eye out for cigar cutters of all shapes and sizes. He found them at flea markets, on the Internet, at second-hand shops, and in old farmhouses: “Meanwhile, my collection encompasses around 1,000 pieces,” says the former banker, proudly. Photo: Eagle cutter, silver/ivory, Vienna, around 1880)

He owns curious, funny, strange and valuable cutters in numerous motives, models, and from several different epochs. “The cigar cutters can largely be allocated to the historicism age, the Jugendstil period, as well as the Art Deco era,” he says, describing his collection.

Now, probably the largest collection in Europe is on sale. Says Lambauer, “I’ve been collecting for 20 years and have continually been delighted by the implements. Now I’d like to sell them to a collector, a cigar manufacturer, or a lounge. I think that this extensive collection magnificently represents the cigar culture of various periods.”

Those interested can get an idea of the impressive selection at, or examine them on location in beautiful southern Styria.

Price: EUR 87,000
Contact: Franz Gerhard Lambauer
Tel: +43 664 500 0225
E-mail: franz.gerhard.lambauer[at]


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