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Bespoke Cigars To Be Rebranded as Casdagli Cigars in the USA

Due to a trademark dispute over the word „bespoke“ between Alec Bradley Cigar Corp and Stirling International OÜ, both company owners, Alan Rubin and Jeremy Casdagli, met at last month’s IPCPR in Las Vegas. The intent was to reach a mutual agreement preventing confusion in the market place and costly legal fees.

It was agreed that Stirling International OÜ would change it’s brand name in the USA retaining it’s trademarked Bespoke Cigar name in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. It was also agreed that all existing Bespoke Cigars‘ stock would stay on the shelves until the rebranding was completed prior to Christmas 2018.

The Alec Bradley Corp stated that it’s bespoke line of cigars would be retained exclusively for the USA.

Starting from Christmas 2018 Bespoke Cigars‘ products marketed in the USA market will carry the company owner’s family name Casdagli Cigars. The image of Colossus of Rhodes on the logo, names of the cigar lines and vitolas will remain unchanged.

„Our family has the history of trading with luxury goods since the 1800s. In search for a new brand name, it was/felt inherent to celebrate the family tradition by renaming Bespoke Cigars‘ brand as Casdagli Cigars,“ adds Jeremy Casdagli, Founder and Co-owner of Bespoke Cigars.


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