Alec Bradley Air Purification

Alec Bradley Announces Partnership with Rabbit Air

Alec Bradley Cigar Co. announced today that they will be partnering with California based air purification company Rabbit Air to sell and distribute customized Alec Bradley/ Rabbit Air cobranded air purifiers.

Alec Bradley Director of Sales & Marketing, Jonathan Lipson and Alec Bradley’s namesakes, Alec and Bradley Rubin, headed up the project for the cigar manufacturer.

Representing Rabbit Air are Business Development leads, Edwin Cheung and Alicia Collins. Founded in 2004, Rabbit Air is a leader in the air purifying industry and its MinusA2 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier is the cigar industry standard for wall mounted smoke-eating units. The MinusA2 graces the walls of cigar shops and private smoking rooms across the United States and beyond.

Alec Bradley’s Jonathan Lipson, had this to say about the partnership, „Today is an exciting day for our two companies! Our mutually beneficial relationship with Rabbit Air is a no-brainer. Together, we have the opportunity to positively affect brick and mortar tobacconists. Not only will they have the opportunity to use and display the units, Tobacconists will also have the ability to sell the units to the end consumer. Alec Bradley and Rabbit Air are very optimistic that the design and programs we created will be embraced by Tobacconists and cigar enthusiasts alike.“

The Alec Bradley SPA-700A, which covers 700 Sq. Ft, will retail for $519.95 and will be available in a white base color. The Alec Bradley SPA-780A, which covers 815 Sq. Ft. will retail for $619.95 and will be available in a white or black (pictured) base color. The Alec Bradley Rabbit Air MinusA2 will soon be available for sale on Alec Bradley’s website and at Authorized Alec Bradley Rabbit Air Domestic Retailers.


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