Ultra-limited Edition of the Oliva Serie V: The “Roaring 20’s

In 2023 Oliva Cigars will introduce an ultra-limited edition of the Oliva Serie V: the “Roaring 20’s”, a 6×60 Perfecto-shaped cigar. What makes this unique cigar even more striking is its golden shroud, designed and created in cooperation with Daniel Marshall. All revenues of this ‘Roaring 20’s’ limited edition project go the Oliva Helping Hands Foundation. As a dedicated charitable organization, their primary focus is to create a positive impact on the lives of communities in Nicaragua, with a special emphasis on helping cigar rolling parents with very small children. By purchasing this limited edition you become a part of an incredible journey that touches the lives of children. Your contribution creates a ripple effect, bringing smiles to their faces, igniting their passion for learning, and paving the way for a brighter future. Join us in making a difference.

In the aftermath of World War One, commonly referred to as the “Great War”, the decade that followed was full of bright lights after so many dark years. Thoughts of war were replaced by the Hollywood heroes of motion pictures that were transitioning from silent films to “talkies” and the commercialization of radio broadcasts. Hollywood created the images we keep in our minds a century later. The mobsters of the Prohibition era dressed in their three-piece suits with wide lapels and high-cuffed trousers. On their arms, women in Flapper dresses and Cloche hats go out to infamous speakeasies to have alcohol despite its illegal status.

The 1920s saw “Luck Lindy,” Charles Lindberg, who stunned the world with his infamous 1927 transatlantic flight from Roosevelt Field in New York to Paris-Le Bourget Airport. This era saw the rise of perhaps the most famous sports icon of all time: “The Bambino,” Babe Ruth, who was sold from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees and embarked on a career that transitioned him from a pitching superstar to the greatest homerun hitter of all time-a title that lasted for more than 50 years. To this very day, every sports fan knows his name.

The people at Oliva could not let the 100th anniversary of this iconic and innovative period go by without a ‘tip of our hat”. Our way of commemorating this era is to introduce one of the most exclusive cigars ever brought to market. A cigar that dazzles; a cigar that sets a scene, creates an atmosphere, that kindles the imagination and allows that nostalgia to catch fire.

If the unique 6×60 Oliva Serie V Perfecto-shaped cigar is not enough to catch the eye, the gilded shroud adorning it makes it feel like the lights of Broadway. A tour de force created by a collaboration with the expert craftsman, Daniel Marshall, known for developing the 24k, a cigar coated with Florentine gold foil.

Collaborating with Daniel Marshall, synonymous with exclusivity and elegance, is as good as it gets. Some of his humidors were auctioned at an astonishing 75k dollars. Jerry Seinfeld is a fan, and so is American talk show host Steve Harvey who lights up a 24K “only when I strike huge deals.”

A cigar of such refinement must be presented in a manner one would expect for something with such stature. The Oliva Roaring 20’s will be presented in a fashionable, tailor-made case wrapped in a dashing cigar band that hails from the Principality of Monaco. These beautiful trimmings were crafted by Bruno & Dimitri Sonderegger of Switzerland. “A tough but enticing challenge”, says Marcus Lindemann: “To emboss this design means to combine laser- cutting and hot foil stamping. Otherwise, you can’t get the details right. It also means you cannot even be one millimeter wrong, or the entire project falls apart. In short: only perfection will cut it. Only perfection is good enough.”

The project may be a salute to the glitter and glamour of the roaring 20’s, yet at the same time it is committed to the challenges of this very day and age. The revenues of this ode to a key era in modern history will be entirely dedicated to the Oliva Helping Hands Foundation and contribute to the future of the local communities that preserve and nurture the Oliva heritage every day. Yadira Creighton, the driving force behind the organization: “Our charitable organization has been established with a special mission in mind. It builds a better future for the wonderful people of Nicaragua by focusing on childcare for women working in the cigar industry and on their children’s education. With the Roaring 20’s initiative we can reinforce and intensify our projects.”

“We’re so excited to present this cigar to the world. The idea was born before a worldwide pandemic took people’s freedoms away. I see it much more as an artwork than a product to smoke… Especially when such an ode contributes to a better future for the local communities that make it all happen”, says CEO Fred Vandermarliere.


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