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Cigar Trophy Awards 2018

Two Days Left to Nominate Cigars, Accessories and Lounges!

Year after year, the Cigar Trophy Awards are bestowed on cigar manufacturers and other actors in the cigar world for excellent performances. And each year we turn to you, cigar smokers yourselves, to make the decision about which products most deserve this appraisal.

The winners are decided in a two-phase process. In the first phase, the public proposes the possible candidates for the various categories. In the subsequent voting phase, you determine which of the candidates with the most nominations should be chosen as winners.

THE TIME IS ALMOST UP! Until June 13, you have the opportunity to suggest for the award the cigars, accessories and lounges of your choice in order to help them advance to the voting round. Have your say for the ones that most enrich your personal smoker’s experiences through their great wealth of knowledge, commitment, and hard work.



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