Ten Years of Davidoff Nicaragua

In the summer of 2013, when Davidoff presented a cigar line with exclusively Nicaraguan tobaccos (at that time in the three formats Toro, Robusto and Short Corona), the surprise among cigar passionados was clearly noticeable.

It was not only the brand’s first black cigar ring that caused a sensation; the flavor profile was also atypical, because for 20 years, the name Davidoff had been considered a calling card for predominantly Dominican tobaccos. The market launch at that time laid the foundation for the Black Band Collection, which cigar lovers around the world are familiar with today.

The Davidoff Nicaragua was a big seller right from the start, as Jeff Borysiewicz from the Corona Cigar Company in Orlando recalls. “By introducing the Nicaragua line, the company considerably expanded their customer base. Customers know that if a cigar carries the Davidoff ring, they can count on top quality. But if you buy a Davidoff with the black ring, you know it’s very different from any other line with the white ring.”

When the line was awarded the Best Brand Dominican Republic Cigar Trophy by the public the year after its launch, many consumers were still confused. A Nicaraguan puro winning the award as the best brand from the Dominican Republic? Yes! Because that’s exactly where it’s produced. Incidentally, the line was also given the same award in 2015. Davidoff’s master blenders had set out in search of new blends that would stimulate both the bitter and sweet taste buds. Ten years of preliminary work were required to tame the somewhat unruly character of Nicaraguan tobacco and deliver the sophistication that passionados would expect from Davidoff. The blends were individually tailored to the three vitolas, and the Toro was deliberately blended to be the most powerful cigar. “We wanted to create a new line that would stand out from the existing Davidoff cigars in taste and aroma but would still guarantee the characteristics and expertise of the Davidoff brand,” Edward Simon, CMO of Oettinger Davidoff, commented on the launch at the time.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Nicaragua line, Davidoff is now launching a limited edition Gran Toro with tobacco aged in rum barrels and a handsome cutter with the Davidoff Nicaragua design. “For the 10th anniversary of the line,” Simon continues, “our master blenders took on a new challenge. They created a cigar with Nicaraguan tobacco, whose blend provides even more depth. Our complex cask fermentation and the impressive age of the tobaccos make for a full-bodied and refined cigar experience.”

The limited edition Gran Toro is reminiscent of the existing Nicaraguan blend, but reaches a new level in taste. Davidoff’s master blenders paid close attention to the maturity of the tobaccos. The wrapper, binder and filler have a combined age of 45 years. Another special feature is the Estelí Seco tobacco in the filler, which was allowed to mature for six months in a rum barrel – a novelty for Davidoff. The Gran Toro is offered in a lacquered wooden box of 12. The double-blade anniversary cutter is numbered and made of brushed stainless steel in matte black with silver blades.

The Davidoff Nicaragua 10th Anniversary Limited Edition and the Double-Blade Cutter Limited Edition will be available from July 6, 2023.




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