Revolutionizing Montenegro’s Cigar Experience

Casa 1910 is thrilled to announce its partnership with Puros 4 Me, Montenegro’s leading cigar importer. This collaboration promises to usher in an exciting new era of cigar enjoyment in Montenegro. 

Casa 1910 is renowned for its expertise in crafting exceptional cigars using premium Mexican tobacco. Puros 4 Me shares their unwavering passion for creating extraordinary cigar experiences. They aim to transform how Montenegro enjoys cigars. 

Their founders, Serge & Jamie, are enthusiastic about this partnership. They state, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Puros 4 Me and introduce Montenegro to the delightful flavors of Mexican tobacco. Furthermore, we believe that this collaboration will help us revolutionize the cigar industry and share a part of Mexico’s rich heritage with the world.” 

Mr. Aleks Djuretic, CEO of Puros 4 Me, shares our excitement. He says, “Casa 1910 represents the pinnacle of cigar craftsmanship, and together, we aim to redefine Montenegro’s cigar culture.”


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