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Cigar Trophy Awards 2014: These are the Winners

Cigar Trophy Awards 2014: These are the Winners

There was a lot to celebrate in Dortmund in September: the award for the best Cuban cigar and brand for 2014, Cigar Journal’s 20th-year anniversary, and the successes of the industry during a promising year.

hendrik kelner portrait with cigar journal lifetime achievement award trophy 2013

Hendrik Kelner Honored for Lifetime Achievement

Hendrik Kelner is probably the most well-known tobacco expert in the world and a living legend. For more than 40 years he’s been cultivating the best tobaccos and, with his name vouches for, among other things, the quality of the luxury brand Davidoff.

benjamin benji f menendez portrait cigar journal lifetime achievement award trophy 2010

Benjamin F. Menendez Honored for Lifetime Achievement

With more than a half century in the business, Benjamin F. Menendez has been exalted to legendary status in the cigar industry. Born into a tobacco family in Havana, Cuba in 1936, Benjamin F. Menendez smiles when he says that tobacco is in his genes.

carlos diez don rolando reyes cigar journal lifetime achievement award ecj trophy 2010

Don Rolando Reyes Honored for Lifetime Achievement

Rolando Reyes Sr. embodies the term “old school” and is known as a cigar legend by his peers and loyal customers around the world. This year, the “World’s most talented cigar maker” was awarded by Cigar Journal for his impressive life’s work.

heinrich villiger cigar journal lifetime achievement award ecj trophy 2009

Heinrich Villiger Honored for Lifetime Achievement

Following the awards ceremony in New Orleans, twelve more honours were awarded during InterTabac 2009 in Dortmund. Heinrich Villiger earned heartly applause by the audience as he accepted the Cigar Trophy Lifetime Achievement 2009 for his impressive life’s work.

jose orlando padron cigar journal lifetime achievement award ecj trophy 2008

José Orlando Padrón Honored for Lifetime Achievement

When José Orlando Padrón arrived in Miami in 1962 he had to live on the 60 dollars a month that the US government granted Cuban refugees. Today he employs more than 600 people and his cigars are amongst the best in the world. We bow to this lifetime achievement.

stanford jc newman portrait cigar tobacco bale leaves

Stanford J. Newman Honored for Lifetime Achievement

In 2006, the Lifetime Achievement award went posthumously to Stanford J. Newman, who died suddenly on 15 August this year, shortly after his 90th birthday. Stanford J. Newman was one of the most significant cigar personalities of the world, playing a major role in the definition of the cigar culture for seven decades.

avo uvezian cigar journal lifetime achievement award cigar trophy 2005

Avo Uvezian Honored for Lifetime Achievement

It would be impossible to imagine today’s international cigar market without the AVO brand: Avo Uvezian, musician and living legend of the cigar industry, was honored for his impressive life’s work with Cigar Journal’s newly introduced Lifetime Achievement Award.



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