Top 25 Cigars

Dunhill Heritage Robusto Box Pressed is #10 of Top 25 of 2015

Dunhill Heritage Robusto Box Pressed is #10 of Top 25 of 2015

The Dunhill Heritage is the first cigar ever produced in Honduras by the long-standing company; it is also the most full-bodied cigar in the entire Dunhill portfolio. It was launched in July 2015 and is manufactured at the Honduras American Tobacco S.A. in Danlí.

La Bohéme Pittore is #11 of Cigar Journal’s Top 25 of 2015

Just before 2015 rolled in, a new cigar brand by Boutique Blends Cigars arrived in Europe, which is why we included it in our tasting at the beginning of this year. Our tasting panel was blown away by this cigar. The blend started out mild and mellow and the cigar became bolder with time …

Macanudo Inspirado Piramide is #12 of Top 25 of 2015

Following the successful start of the Macanudo Inspirado line with four formats 2014, in April 2015, the Diplomat and Piramide vitolas were launched. Tasting notes: With the sweetness of candied almonds, woody and leathery aromas, this cigar is a pleaser for the tastebuds. A multifaceted, smooth blend …

Casa Turrent Maduro Torpedo is #13 of Top 25 of 2015

In the spring of 2015 Alejandro Turrent launched the brand Casa Turrent. Tasting notes: This Torpedo has a fine sweetness, roasted and woody aromas, as well as opulent spice. There is also some eucalyptus freshness coffee/nut aromas in the creamy smoke. Complex and flavorful.

Flor de Selva N°20 is #14 of Cigar Journal’s Top 25 of 2015

When Maya Selva celebrated the 20th anniversary of her company in June 2015, the invited guests were not just slightly amazed: for her jubilee cigar, the Flor de Selva N°20, the Franco-Honduran chose a Lancero format. Behind the graceful exterior of the cigar, however, lies some power …

Montecristo Media Corona is #15 of Cigar Journal’s Top 25 of 2015

This Half Corona celebrated its world debut as part of the 225th anniversary of the British Habanos importers Hunters & Frankau in June 2015. The vitola was actually first rolled in 1907, and, in the 1920s and 1930s became a veritable sales success. It’s the shortest hand-rolled Habanos cigar that exists.

Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage Epicure Maduro is #16 in Top 25

The launch of the new Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage line by the family-run company was the cause of a lot of sensation in the summer of 2014. It might be a tough find, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Tasting notes: Masterful workmanship! A very complex blend, with ample woody aromas …

Davidoff Winston Churchill Churchill is #17 of Top 25 of 2015

Exactly one year ago, the Davidoff Winston Churchill was presented to the public for the first time in New York City. It has since become a figurehead for the family company Oettinger Davidoff. Tasting notes: Warm woody notes, a creamy nuttiness and the delicate acidic fruity note of oranges …

Paradiso (US: San Cristóbal) Revelation Prophet is #18 of Top 25 of 2015

The Paradiso by Ashton Cigars is produced by José “Pepin” Garcia (My Father Cigars) in Nicaragua. Due to trademark reasons the name San Cristóbal can’t be used outside the US. Tasting notes: This cigar is tangy with light woody aromas, the scent of coffee and a delicate fruity sweetness …

Gurkha Royal Challenge Maduro Toro is #19 of Top 25 of 2015

The Maduro version of the Gurkha Royal Challenge was launched at the beginning of 2015. The blend for the filler and the binder remain the same for both lines, however a Connecticut Broadleaf is used for the wrapper in the Maduro series. Tasting notes: This dark cigar develops nutty aromas with black pepper and a vanilla sweetness …

Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend Toro is #21 of Cigar Journal’s Top 25 of 2015

Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend Toro is Cigar Journal’s No. 21 in 2015. This cigar was launched on the market for the first time at the end of 2014. Tasting notes: To start with, nutty, licorice and earthy aromas with fruity notes and light pepper in the creamy smoke. Then gingerbread, roasted notes …



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