Min Ron Nee Answering Questions on Montehiba Blog

Cigar blogger montehiba.blogspot.co.at (above) has started a cooperation with Mr Min Ron Nee, the author of the book An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post Revolution Havana Cigars. The blog promises to collect and forward all sorts of questions to Mr Min Ron Nee who’s answers will then be published.

“I am very honored and proud that Min Ron Nee agreed to my proposal to do an email interview with and for my blog readers” say blogger Robert Hebenstreit. “I think that a lot of aficionados would like to ask him questions on several cigar related topics or maybe personal questions (but please respect his anonymity).”

How it works

– Post your questions in the comment section or send an email to: [email protected]. Each comment needs approval due to spam issues. If anyone wants to keep their comments anonymous, add a note to your comment
– Min Ron Nee will not reveal opinions or personal preferences on specific cigars
– Questions and answers will be published on montehiba.blogspot.co.at


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