Luciano Cigars Unveils ‘Underrated’: Defy Expectations.

Underrated showcases a remarkable fusion of premium leaves and innovative blending. Connecticut Broadleaf and Ecuadorian HVA, customarily seen as wrappers, are reinvented as fillers, alongside Pueblo Nuevo Medio Tiempo. The Cigar is wrapped with a silky dark Mexican San Andres wrapper. 

“After months of seeing Luciano experimenting with these tobaccos, I was in awe when he gave me a mystery to smoke at our factory in Nicaragua last summer. This cigar is a tribute to Luciano’s imagination. His ingenious use of high-quality leaves in non-traditional roles brings forth an unparalleled sensory journey, proving that magnificence often lies unnoticed,” says Ed Trevino, Vice President of Sales of Luciano Cigars.

By embracing contradiction, Luciano Cigars’ latest creation will challenge the essence of value. 

“The story of ‘Underrated’ is about surprise –  the unexpected pleasure of discovering something remarkable where one least expects it,” said Luciano Meirelles, President/Founder of Luciano Cigars.

Underrated will be sold in boxes of 20 and released in four sizes: Sublime, Toro Especial, Robusto Extra, and Corona Gorda. The four vitolas will be priced accordingly:
Sublime – 6 1/2 x 54              $8.50 US MSRP
Toro Especial – 6 ¼ x 52        $8.20 US MSRP
Robusto Extra – 5 ½  x 50      $7.90 US MSRP
Corona Gorda – 5 ⅝  x 46      $7.50 US MSRP

The cigars are produced at the Luciano Cigars Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, and will be shipped to retail partners in January 2024. 


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