Luciano Cigars Launches a Full Core Line Of Maria Lucia At PCA

Luciano Cigars is honored to announce the transformation of their Maria Lucia cigar into a full core line.

When Luciano Cigars introduced Maria Lucia to honor Luciano Meirelles’ late mother, they never imagined the incredible response it would receive. It quickly became their best-selling single SKU, and they are honored to see it grow into a full core line just a year later at PCA. 

“In my 25 + years in this industry I’ve never seen such rapid growth in demand for a cigar. It’s come full circle for us to meet it with this expansion into a core line, a year later but once again at PCA. Our entire sales team at Luciano Cigars are thrilled with the news! “- Ed Treviño, Director of Sales for Luciano Cigars

Each cigar is meticulously rolled with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, two binders from Ecuador (one grown from Sumatra seed, the other Havana ’92), and a blend of fillers sourced from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Peru.

An integral part of the Maria Lucia story is the artwork adorning the cigar boxes and bands. Luciano Meirelles’ oldest daughter contributed her talent by creating a portrait of her grandmother, Maria Lucia, without ever having seen her photograph. The resemblance between the portrait and Luciano’s mother was uncanny, making it the perfect choice for the artwork associated with this deeply meaningful cigar.

“It’s been overwhelming to see how much this cigar has started to mean to people. I get messages every week… Truthfully, I’m just grateful for the opportunity to honor my mother, to let her legacy grow and her story be known through this cigar.”- Luciano Meirelles, son of Maria Lucia and Co-Founder of Luciano Cigars

To celebrate the expansion of the Maria Lucia line, Luciano Cigars will exhibit the original artwork of Maria Lucia at the upcoming trade show. This display not only pays tribute to the inspiration behind the cigar but also showcases the company’s dedication to artistry and storytelling.

The expansion not only includes new sizes but also increases the box count to 24 cigars. The Maria Lucia core line will feature the following sizes, all box pressed: 

Magnum Box Pressed                                 5 ¼ x 54                $12.96
Cañonazo Box Pressed                               5 ⅞ x 52                $12.80
Double Robusto Box Pressed                     6 ½ x 50                $12.50
Corona Gorda Box Pressed                        5 ⅝ x 46                $11.50

The cigar is being produced at Luciano Cigars’ Maria Lucia Factory, from where new orders in all four sizes will be ready to ship immediately after the trade show.


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