Luciano Cigars Introduced Y Panda

Luciano Cigars announced the arrival of Y Panda.

Y Panda is the newest addition to the Luciano Cigars’ Family of Brands that features an ambassador. Taking smokers on a journey that explores the intersection of tradition and innovation, it was inspired by the complex life of Linxu “Panda” Yan, the many contradictions found between his heritage and chosen life path, and his experience being mentored by Luciano Meirelles, co-founder and CEO of Luciano Cigars.

Y Panda, as a cigar, expresses Panda Yan’s own intersection between tradition and innovation: the pain of leaving family behind, the joy of finding one’s calling in a new place, and a mentor to guide him through. Panda made the decision to leave his native country of China at 16 to become the man he aspired to be. At 19, he left to study in the United States, where he found a new home in the world of tobacco after graduating from college, over seven years ago.  His introduction to the cigar industry came later, when he began working at a retail shop in Memphis, TN. It was years later, after the COVID-19 pandemic, that Panda made his way to Estelí, Nicaragua, where he’s lived since.

“I have always found that life is best lived when we embrace its contradictions. From his own identity, to moments in life where he’s been blessed even when most struggling, this cigar is Panda’s  attempt at expressing a new realization. Y Panda is about finding the good in the bad, the opportunity when things go wrong, and some of life’s  answers even when overwhelmed with questions and uncertainty. Panda is one of a kind, a super taster and working with him was priceless.”Luciano Meirelles CEO and Co-Founder of Luciano Cigars.

Panda has devoted this chapter of life learning about the cigar making process in its entirety alongside Luciano. Despite having very different backgrounds, the two connected through a mutual passion for tobacco and Luciano’s desire to extend his legacy through mentees. For the last couple of years, Panda has been immersed in the company’s vertical operations, interning and learning at its farms, aging facilities, and factories. Y Panda is the co-blended expression of this mentorship, Panda’s own journey and the universal meaning found in both.

“I truly believe the very reason Luciano does what he does is rooted in people, relationships, and the dreams that can be built together.  I’m humbled to be added to the legacy of  Luciano Cigars  with Y Panda.” Linxu “Panda” Yan – Co-Blender of Y Panda

Co-blended by Panda and Luciano, this cigar, as easy to smoke, as it is hard to define, seeks to disrupt palettes with the signature complexity for which Luciano Cigars is known. Y Panda poses an invitation and challenge to its smokers with a blend that is not easy to place. It features a carefully aged Corojo 98 colorado wrapper. In addition, its double binder with Brazilian Arapiraca and an original Sumatra strain grown in Ecuador and presents a mild sweetness as the answer to balance its body. As a reflection of the deliberate co-blending, even its fillers operate as the yin and yang: the combination of Jalapa viso and Esteli seco results in edgy sweetness, mild flavors brought to life with slight strength to the seasoned palate.

The cigar, which is produced at the Luciano Cigars factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, will come in 20 count boxes and priced accordingly in the following sizes:


Size                 MSRP

Sublime                                 6 ½ x 54                 $13.70

Toro                                          6 x 52                       $12.70

Robusto                                 5 x 50                       $11.70

Corona Gorda                 5 ⅝ x 46  $10.20






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