Les Fines Lames will start partnership with Vandermarliere

After several years of rapid growth, Pierre Jourdan and Pablo Rodet decided that a closer partnership with an industrial investor would help sustain the development of their company.

Since 2015 and during the start-up phase, they build an innovative brand for cigar accessories ‘Les Fines Lames’. A brand based upon clear characteristics such as unique contemporary design, excellent modularity and ease of maintenance, which has given rise to iconic products such as the award winning ‘Le PETIT’ and special cigar jewelry such as the PUNCH BRACELET. They make authentic products all based upon French design, by and for trendy people. As a company their production remains local, in line with consumers expectations, and they have built a strong worldwide reputation on social networks, as well as a sound traction with partners.

They realized that further investment was needed in the development of their Product Range, Market Expansion and the Organization. A partnership with Fred Vandermarliere of VCF Cigars would help them reaching out to a next level in their ambitions. Soon they all came to the conclusion that a collaboration would make sense especially when driving quality, consistency and design with a strong customer focus. Both Pierre and Pablo will stay as owners of Les Fines Lames and keep on running the company in the way they did before. Their passion and knowledge in the business will stay the cornerstone of the company’s success.

“Via a colleague I got introduced to Pablo & Pierre many years ago and I always admired their dedication, thinking out-of-the-box and overall strive to go for excellent quality. In a traditional industry like the cigar industry, it is always nice to have people that want to come up with innovation. It brings fresh air and keeps us awake not to do the same thing all over again.”, says Frederik Vandermarliere of VCF Cigars. “For a start-up at the other hand, it is important to find the right partners to sustain growth and in the cigar industry; this isn’t very easy. I have the luck to be born in a warm nest and to be able to continue a business that existed for many years; but besides continuing what is old, I think it is my task as well to help young starters in our industry to reach new heights!”

As part of this rapprochement, Les Fines Lames also announces that Oliva Cigar Company will distribute the brand’s products in the United States of America from September 1, 2023. CEO Cory Bappert comments: “We have a premium cigar brand that is highly recognized and appreciated by American consumers. We take great care in our work, and we couldn’t be happier to add the most dynamic brand of premium cigar accessories made in France to the portfolio of our sales team.” Pablo Rodet, Les Fines Lames CEO, adds: “We share the same philosophy when it comes to excellent customer service. We like to be close to consumers, and many synergies will emerge from joint events.”

Les Fines Lames is not modifying any of its current distribution agreements in the rest of the world.


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