Leaf By Oscar Limited Edition 2018 Launches as Cigora Exclusive

A new Leaf by Oscar release called Leaf by Oscar Limited Edition 2018 is now available exclusively on Cigora.

The never-before-released blend is handcrafted in Danli, Honduras at the Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Company factory and features a barber pole wrapper made with Mexican San Andrés and Honduran-grown Connecticut tobacco. The double wrapper crowns a Honduran binder and a selection of Honduran filler tobaccos.

Oscar Valladares said, “I kept a special ‘Leaf by Oscar’ blend in aging for five years and always thought of its release as a way to introduce a completely new experience to the line. So when I had the chance to work with Cigora, I immediately knew the time was right to make this blend available. To create this small batch release, I layered a classic Honduran profile with the rich earthiness of San Andrés tobacco and the mellow creaminess of Honduran-grown Connecticut Shade. The blend offers the experience of two handcrafted cigars in one amazing, aged smoke and I’m extremely proud of how it well turned out.”

Leaf by Oscar Limited Edition 2018 is “one of a select number of blends available in the US” according to Valladares and is presented in 20-count bundles, with each cigar individually wrapped in a tobacco leaf. The blend is available in two sizes: a 6” x 54 Toro that sells for $212.99 per bundle and a 6” x 60 Gordo that sells for $229.99 per bundle. Both vitolas are launching exclusively on Cigora as a limited-time offering.




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