J. Cortès to collaborate with Dutch cigar brand De Olifant

Belgian cigar company J. Cortès Cigars nv will soon be taking over the production and sales operations of De Olifant and will henceforth be marketing this cigar brand in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Since 1883, De Olifant cigars have been produced in a small factory on the banks of the Ijssel in the town of Kampen. Every year, this unique factory attracts no fewer than 10,000 visitors. For its efforts, De Olifant was even awarded the Heritage Prize in 2010. However, as a result of ever-stricter government regulations, De Olifant has been in need of support to stay afloat. It has found that support in Belgian cigar maker J. Cortès Cigars nv.

J. Cortès Cigars nv, known for premium cigars like J. Cortès and Oliva, will be taking charge of the production and sales operations. Binet Brasser, blender at De Olifant, will remain in her role so that the quality of De Olifant can be maintained. Former Managing Director Thomas Klaphake will be fulfilling the role of Brand Ambassador.

“We’re extremely proud and thankful to be able to welcome this fantastic brand as well as Binet Brasser and Thomas Klaphake into our cigar family”, says Frederik Vandermarliere, CEO of J. Cortès Cigars nv. “We’re going to do everything we can to give De Olifant a new lease of life.”

Because every size has its own specific blend, De Olifant cigars are the only ones of their kind in the world. Thanks to De Olifant’s special production methods, as many as 20 tobacco varieties can be incorporated into a single line of cigars. Just like in a pharmacy, the blender can – as it were – “season” the cigar. All of De Olifant’s tobacco products have their own characteristics, such as strength, sweetness or freshness.
The jewel in the crown is the wrapper, made from rare and original Sumatran sand-leaf tobacco. This Sumatran sand-leaf is only grown in small quantities and is often described as ‘white burning gold’ because of its unrivalled flavour and aroma. De Olifant is one of the few manufacturers to use this wrapper.


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