J.C. Newman Cigars Celebrates the 38th Diamond Crown Cigar Lounge

Last night, J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s third-generation owner Bobby Newman opened the 38th Diamond Crown Cigar Lounge at Norwood Royal Cigars in Chicago. More than 100 cigar enthusiasts packed the store, which is recognized as having the largest humidor in the Midwest. Attendees were treated to passed cocktails and wine, dinner buffet, entertainment, and Diamond Crown luxury cigars. 

“Norwood Royal is a haven for cigar lovers,” said Bobby Newman. “Vick and Mita Shah have built a world class cigar lounge, and we are so honored that it now bears that Diamond Crown name.” 

The first Diamond Crown Cigar Lounge opened in 2007. Today, more than three dozen Diamond Crown Cigar Lounges are located across 20 states. The full list is below and a map showing the location of each is on J.C. Newman’s website.

“When smoking bans started to spread two decades ago, our family decided to partner with family-owned cigar retailers like the Shahs to create first-class lounges for consumer to enjoy fine cigars like Diamond Crown,” said Newman. “It is a privilege for our family to help support a network of destinations for cigar connoisseurs.


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