In fumo amicitia: XVI AmiCigar – El Diamante – Antwerp June 24-26

After two years of forced cancellation, AMICIgar finally will take place  again  – and is already overbooked.

What will be done? What will be smoked? Who will be present?

Anticipation is growing, due to the host, Alireza Valibalouch, owner of La Casa dell’Habano and Cohiba Atmosphere in Antwerp.
By now it is a tradition: most of the participants confirmed their attendance at the end of the previous edition and now, for three impatient years, they are packing their bags and cigars.

This is one of the most valuable aspects of AmiCigar, a network of contacts, a group of friends who together propose, innovate and carry out an event in which one does not participate, but all work together to build it and make it innovative.
In the promoting group, there are only executors and coordinators of a common story that drives everyone to spend their free time for a meeting that increasingly becomes a reunion of friends, not an event, not a manifestation, not a promotion, but simply the home of passion where all members of the AMICigar family return annually.
“In fumo amicitia” is the motto!

Info :
[email protected]


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