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Happy Cigars Shop & Lounge | Cigar Friendly: Tallinn, Estonia

The Happy Cigars Shop and Smoking Room has been operating in Tallinn for nearly five years. The location close to the passenger harbor makes it an ideal stop for all travelling cigar friends. The cigar shop primarily offers Cuban cigars, but there is also a wide range of selected brands from other countries.

The newly opened walk-in humidor makes it easy for customers to find their old favorites and to introduce them to new arrivals. Happy Cigars operates in an old warehouse that’s over one hundred years old, giving it a very special atmosphere. On the same premises as the shop, owner Mr. Lasse Öhman runs a small restaurant that serves coffee and other refreshments that can also be consumed in the smoking lounge.

Alongside the restaurant, there is a specialized wine bar where customers can try pairing their favorite cigar with different types of wines, or the other way around. After finding the perfect combination, customers can then buy the selected wines in bottles from the lounge wine shop.

Happy Cigars Tallinn

Lootsi 14, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel.: +3725593062
Email: [email protected]


Since from his very first puff in mid-1990s Petteri has been a dedicated passionado exploring constantly the world of cigars. He served as a chairman of Kirjaclub Cigar Club in Helsinki between 2013-2017 and continues to influence the cigar scene heavily in the Nordic and Baltic regions. As a passionate golfer, he contributes regularly to the Finnish GoGolf magazine and online media covering golf course reviews and travel destinations. Being a member of Cigar Club Mareva in Split, he is also a regular participant to the CSWC events around the world. Petteri is also a member of Cigar Journal tasting panel.


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