CSWC qualification tournament in Spain 2017: the winners

First Spanish Tournament in Slow Cigar Smoking Held in Barcelona

At the very first official spanish qualification tournament for the Cigar Smoking World Championship, the competition to smoke a cigar as slowly as possible, Marco Tessari emerged as the victor with a smoking time of one hour and 55 minutes. He will be the official representative for Spain in the global gathering in September, where cigar smokers from dozens of different countries will meet to compete in the Cigar Smoking World Championship.

The second and third place of the Spanish qualification round were taken by Marc Ripoll and Eduardo Navarro Basabe. Current World Champion and swiss national Mirko Giotto who won the finale in 2016, also participated in the event and beat his own record by one minute. He still ranks 4th in the overall world record ranking. The current world record holder is american citizen Darren Cioffi who smoked the Mareva sized cigar in the incredible time of two hours and 50 minutes without relighting.

See the tournament schedule to learn more about qualification events in your country.

CSWC qualification tournament in Spain 2017


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