Eladio Díaz 70th Anniversary to be presented at the Intertabac

Eladio Díaz will present at the Intertabac show in Dortmund, in mid-September, his new cigar to celebrate his anniversary: Eladio Díaz 70th Anniversary, a cigar that commemorates his 70th birthday, but, further more, means the continuation of a long personal tradition. The renowned cigar maker has for long years blended a very special cigar for his birthday celebration that he later used as a gift for visitors and friends.

Already installed in the Tabacalera Díaz Cabrera, Eladio Díaz resumes the tradition, using the number seven as the central argument of this new and limited blend, and not only because last May he turned 70 years old, which is a multiple of seven, but because, as Eladio Díaz himself says: “I was seven years old when I started working in tobacco, 63 years ago now”.

According to traditional numerology, seven is the representation of wisdom and the spiritual impulse to search for the truth. This is not Delphi, but Dominican Republic, nor are we talking about the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece, but about someone who represents very well the deep knowledge of tobacco.

First release, Europe

Eladio Díaz 70th Anniversary is a limited edition of 1.400 boxes (which is a multiple of 7) with 14 cigars each (multiple of 7). It is a 7-inch long tobacco (178 mm x 52) with a blend made up of seven different leaves: an Ecuador wrapper, a Mexico binder, and five Dominican tobaccos in the filler.

The official presentation will take place within the Intertabac show, which is held between September 13 and 16, at the booth of its distributor for all of Europe, Kopp Tobaccos. The initial idea is to release the new limited edition first in Germany, although the price per cigar has not yet been revealed.

In words of Eladio Díaz himself, “it is a slightly sweet and spicy tobacco, which seeks a complete stimulation of the mouth, with a very harmonious creamy sensation, balanced and complex in a medium-high body and, in addition”, he adds with his classic sense of humor, “burns regularl and is not badly built at all.”

In January 2022, Eladio’s wife, Griselda Cabrera, together with her sons Héctor, Emmanuel and Alexander, and one of his closest collaborators, José Ignacio Vásquez, started the Tabacalera Díaz Cabrera in Villa González. In the beginning, it was intended for the manufacture of private labels, among its best partners is Freud Cigars, but they are prepared to bring their own brand to the markets very soon.

Javier Blanco Urgoiti is a Spanish journalist who is crazy about the processes surrounding tobacco that take place before its manufacturing in the cigar factory – in particular the secrets of tobacco cultivation. This is an area in which he tirelessly tries to educate himself. Javier started smoking and writing about cigars in 1998, initially for the Spanish magazines La boutique del fumador and La cava de cigarros, and later, as chief press officer at La Aurora, the oldest tobacco factory in the Dominican Republic. Now he writes for Cigar Journal as a correspondent in Spain.


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