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Cigar Club Malaysia

The Cigar Club (Kuala Lumpur) | Great Cigar Clubs Around the Globe

The Cigar Club, founded in Kuala Lumpur in 2010, is a non-commercial club with a vision to bring together cigar smokers from all walks of life and become a catalyst for new partnerships and friendships. In The Cigar Club all members are equal. No gender, rank, wealth, race, ethnicity or religion gets in the way, only the love for cigars, friendship, and a fun spirit.

The motto of the club is Amicis Memorabile Victorias: creating Amazing Memorable Victories with friends. The club doesn’t own private club premises but meets regularely at different venues. Its signature ritual is „The Exchange“ where everyone brings a cigar not to smoke but to exchange with someone else. A lucky draw determines who smokes who’s cigar with each aficionado introducing the cigar that he or she brought.

The Cigar Club

Area: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Size: 300 members
Members: Men/Women
Activities: Regular events at different venues
Private Club Premises: No
Founded: 2010
Status: Active
Contact: Andreas M. Vogiatzakis at +60123326938 or [email protected]
Youtube: youtube.com/thecigarclub
Instagram: instagram.com/thecigarclub.amv

Text and information provided by Andreas M. Vogiatzakis

The Cigar Club AMV Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


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