Jeremiah Meerapfel and Ali Faieq Alzayani present Don Faieq

Jeremiah Meerapfel of Meerapfel Companies confirmed today that he has agreed to work on a special project with Ali Faieq Alzayani, son of the late Faieq Alzayani who was a pioneer of cigars in the Arab world. The project is meant to highlight the history of cigar culture in Arabia and celebrate the legacy of Don Faieq.

The Meerapfel Companies will make available their vast knowledge and resources of the cigar business to make a unique cigar unmatched in quality for a regional edition and work with Mr. Alzayani who has commissioned this project to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of his father introducing cigars to Arabia.

The Zayani family is synonymous in the Arabian region with premium tobacco due to the legacy established by Faieq Ebrahim Alzayani, who introduced cigars to the region in the early 1970’s and developed a thriving community of connoisseurs up until 2009 when he handed over the family business to Ali, who took the business to new heights with a focus on diversification and introducing non-Cuban Cigars.

“I am very excited about this groundbreaking project because it will tell the story of my father”, explained Mr. Alzayani. The cigar itself will be named “Don Faieq” and will be produced at an undisclosed location where the Meerapfel family house some of the finest tobacco in existence. Mr. Alzayani continued, “I wanted only the finest quality of tobacco to be used in this project to create a special blend reminiscent of the Golden Age of cigars, and it is well known that for the best tobacco you go to the Meerapfel family.”

Mr. Meerapfel further explained, “We don’t typically take on a private commission for another brand outside of our Selection Meerapfel Family Brands; however given our long relationship with the Alzayani family we took the decision to celebrate this wonderful history and put our vast knowledge and resources into creating a truly wonderful cigar.”

The “Don Faieq” cigar will be available exclusively by invitation and the first production will be ready by mid 2022.


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