Foundation Cigar Co. Announces PCA23 Releases

Foundation Cigar Company’s next releases are in tribute to brand owner Nicholas Melillo’s grandfathers. Charter Oak Pegnataro-CT Shade and Pasquale-CT Broadleaf are blends that serve as a heartfelt tribute to the lasting influence and cherished memories of Melillo’s grandfathers, who both had a passion for tobacco like him.

“My love for handmade cigars exists only because of my grandfather’s,” Melillo shared. “One was an avid CT Broadleaf smoker, and the other loved CT shade. These blends are completely different than the core line of Charter Oak. They are richer and more complex. Connoisseurs can anticipate a delightful interplay of notes, encompassing velvety hints of cocoa, rich leather, and enticing spices.”

Charter Oak Pegnataro and Pasquale are both said to embody the commitment to excellence and artistry that define Foundation Cigar Company. Crafted by Melillo, who is the founder of Foundation Cigar Company and its master blender, Charter Oak CT Broadleaf Pasquale’s blend centers on the Connecticut Broadleaf seed and uses a Maduro wrapper. It is a full-bodied blend, while Charter Oak CT Shade Pegnataro is a medium-bodied cigar with a golden-brown Connecticut Shade wrapper. Each cigar will come in a 12-count box with a suggested retail price of $156, and each cigar has a suggested retail price of $13, before applicable taxes.

“The Charter Oak core line would have been their everyday cigar, and these new blends would be for the weekend or a special occasion,” Melillo explains. “These blends are deeply personal to me, as they honor the legacies of my grandfathers. The CT Broadleaf and CT Shade wrappers represent their distinct personalities, allowing me to celebrate their individuality through exceptional cigars that bear their names.”

This will be a limited quarterly release of 500 boxes per blend. Charter Oak Pegnataro and Pasquale will be available to retailers to order at the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) trade show in Las Vegas, July 7-11, 2023.


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