Cohiba 55 Aniversario Launching Event

One of the most anticipated releases of Habanos will finally hit the market. The Phoenicia TAA Cyprus was selected by Habanos S.A. to host this coveted launching.

The Cohiba 55 Aniversario will be presented in an hybrid event that will mix virtual and physical satellite events in many countries within the area of distribution of Phoenicia (Bahrain, Cyprus, Greece, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malta, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates) and in Cuba on the 14th of May.

For the most of the physical event, only 55 lucky cigar enthusiasts will have a chance to smoke the new limited edition in first hand and to take part in this celebration that will mark another moment in the history of this glamorous brand.

Cohiba has been the iconic pioneer in launching new lines of products such as Reserva, Grand Reserva, Limited Edition among others. The brand will present at the event a new concept that cigar enthusiasts should highly anticipate.

The event will also have some of Habanos’ top management and prominent figures from Cohiba’s legacy talking about the brand, its history and details of this release.

For those not able to attend the physical events they can take part following the live-streaming of the events by registering through the official website of the launching:

Stay connected at the Cigar Journal website and social media to follow all the news before, during and after the event, as we are doing a special coverage of this release.

Alexandre Avellar gilt in Brasiliens als Instanz in Punkto Zigarren. 2010 gründete er Conexão Tabaco/Tudo Sobre Charuto, die nationale Top-Website in Sachen Zigarren-News. Zudem schreibt er für viele Zigarrenpublikationen in aller Welt. Beim 15. und 16. Habanos-Festival wurde er von Habanos S.A. für die Auszeichnung „Hombre Habano del Año“ (Habanos-Mann des Jahres) in der Kategorie Kommunikation nominiert. Er reist rund um den Globus, um über die wichtigsten Veranstaltungen zu berichten und die Kultur des Zigarrenrauchens zu fördern.


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