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Elevated Smoking Experience: Rocky Mountain Cigar Co.

Elevated Smoking Experience: Rocky Mountain Cigar Co.

If you are an outdoor loving person who likes to end a day of fishing, hunting, or golfing with a good cigar and glass of Bourbon, then the Rocky Mountain Cigar Company shop and lounge is the place for you. 

Studying pays off

The COVID-19 crisis has brought a host of different challenges to us serious cigar smokers around the world. From buying online or curbside, to having limited space to smoke and perhaps too much time on our hands. As a countermeasure to the situation, I decided to embark on a mission to explore the two most widely known online cigar certifications and see what they were all about.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Yes, yes, we know, perhaps it’s not the most exciting name for a website out there, but if there’s one thing that pretty much every smoker of Cuban cigars would agree on, it’s this: The website is, bar none, the most comprehensive online catalog of Cuban Cigars, period. Back in early 2010, our fearless

Pablo Velasco, Max Gutmann und Jorge Tapies

Max Gutmann – Ein wahrer Zigarrenpionier

Max Gutmann, Inhaber von Importadora y Exportadora de Puros y Tabacos, S.A. (IEPT), dem exklusiven Vertriebshändler von Habanos S.A. für Mexiko, ist – gemeinsam mit seinem langjährigen Geschäftspartner Rodolfo Velasco – ein echter Pionier in der Zigarrenwelt. Er hat in seiner 35-jährigen Geschichte mit kubanischen Zigarren bedeutende Leistungen vollbracht. Cigar Journal traf die beiden anlässlich des Habanos Day Mexico 2019, der am 27. März in der kubanischen Botschaft in Mexico City stattfand.



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